The viking space program


#i’m going to pretend that this is sam dean and cas and they are laughing because bobby wanted to take a picture of them #but he accidentally set the camera to video mode and it’s recording and he doesn’t understand #how this damn thing works or why those three idjits are laughing at him #;oaweywa #it almost seems as if dean’s mouthing ‘can’t you take a picture old man?’ #and bobby would yell back at dean about how this damn fancy new camera sam bought him is trash#and sam and cas would just laugh because they knew this would happen #but it’s all good because sam would fix it for him and then bobby would take a picture of them and keep it forever #AND THEN THEY’D ALL GO OUT FOR DINNER AFTER THIS BECAUSE THEY JUST FINISHED UP A HUNT AND THE FAMILY NEEDS FED #ajweoyaw#crying

Actual tears.


There was, of course, an increase in heart attacks and traffic accidents as people panicked trying to escape the ghost deer.

A significant decline in dementors as well.